Jessica Seamon

Softball, Sass, and Passion

Softball is meant to be played on the dirt, and that is how Nicholls State University’s Associate Head Softball Coach, Jessica Seamon began her adventures through the south. “I really wanted to play the warm weather sport in the warm weather,” Seamon said. Being a native of Upstate New York, there was an underlying need for the warmth and constant sunshine as softball was, and still is, her passion. From New photo 3 (1)York, she moved to Kentucky for college and never looked back, as she continued on to Atlanta, and finally to Louisiana.

Softball is much more pleasant when the sun is shining and there isn’t the threat of snow. From her days
as a college softball player in Kentucky, Seamon moved to Atlanta with her glove and a clipboard. Coaching was on her agenda and once she began, she never stopped.

Seamon’s final and current stop on her southern adventures leaves her in Thibodaux, Louisiana, playing a part in growing a great program out of the Nicholls State University softball team. “I can’photo 1 (1)t get much farther south than here,” Seamon laughed. Nicholls State University softball head coach, Angel Santiago said, “I gave her the title of ‘Associate Head Coach’ because of how much time, effort, and dedication she gives to the things she is passionate about. In this case it is softball and coaching.”

There’s togetherness to the south that Seamon found and fell in love with. She found that the simplicity and the warmth of the people were both something that she wanted to remain close with fophoto 2 (1)r as long as she could. This especially reminded her of her family and made her feel comfortable when she was so far away from home. “Jess is such a warm hearted, caring, and classy person, so there is no doubt in my mind that she fits in in the south,” said Jim Abbott, a friend of Seamon’s.

Seamon lives by the words, “Always classy, somewhat sassy.” She carries herself in a way that people envy because she is always respectable on and off the field, no matter what. The sass comes from her Northern roots and the comedic relief she likes to keep in her life.
Softball, sass, and passion are the three things that Jessica Seamon’s life revolves around and anyone that knows her would vouch in saying that she is an expert in each one of these facets of her life.



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